Monday, January 28, 2013

Goddess in Motion Redux--Part III (poem)

Goddess in Motion Redux--Part III*
by Tim Kavi

walking down
the wooded plain
country road

your music never stops
I am humming
along with the birds
but then
a hushed silence
this time, greets me

I wanted to run
to meet you
but was constrained

held back by my pride
I felt ready to burst
to run to meet you
to fall on my knees

you were walking
towards me
I was watching you move
totally hypnotized

I saw you as the statue
in every garden
the ones that are Goddesses
fully in view

then I realized
Goddess in Motion
your swaying hips
meant I needed
no love potion

there was only the drunkenness
of your love
that met me with aged
expressions of pleasure

your singing smile
I needed no musical note
to hold you in my sight
a beautiful vote

of affirmation
in the Spring times
of your bliss
there is only the wine
of your lasting kiss

for Goddess in motion
you are my morning delight
when your dress moves
in the wind
it still covers
all of you

when upon gentle revealing
I saw Aphrodite's undoing
stare; not concealing
one moment of your prayer

for it falls to the wooded floor
only with your permission
our sweet love
is my mission

a persistence of vision
in a valley of despair
a journey of hope
longed for destination

Goddess in motion
you walk like a dance
of great skill
a fresh romance
of freedom's will

to test every fiber
of my mind, soul, and being
that shouts fidelity
to your love's scheming

to turn to each other
in the birdsong filled
our love is true
and ever dreaming

for this is only a timeline
twill soon be over
this one life is not enough
to praise your Goddess stuff

Goddess in motion
I need no love potion
to see
you are the sweetest
If love is ever to do
it must be with You

for 'tis a mystery solved
the attainment
of what many seek

Goddess in motion
Nature holds you in sacred view!

*Poet's Afterword:  The original version of this poem was written in 2009. Original Version is Here. From time to time, I add to it with new stanzas and feelings of devotion.  This time, in the new Part III, I have added new stanzas between the stanzas of the original poem. The image here is 'Swirl of the Skirts' by Sushobha Jenner. Hope you enjoy it!~~TK


  1. The imagery and images provided here are a true tribute to the spiritual Goddesses. I love how you carefully crafted this delightful and atmospheric writing. Tim Kavi, you are a great poet!

    1. Sannel, thank you for your comment and appreciation of this poem. I am too honored by your praise. As you know, sometimes the words flow, sometimes they are greatly belabored, other times there is a struggle in their life---when the last line is composed and there is some pause there is only a hope that maybe by some lucky chance they can bless others. I can make no such assumptions or promises about that blessing, but I do know that my humble work is only a source of edification if it is inspired by the truly great poets--those that are poet teachers to all of us to whom the muses whisper and the Goddesses truly shine (such as yourself).~~TK

  2. Very beautiful, you have great talents!

    1. Dear deaf47:

      thank you very much for visiting my blog and your nice comment. I'm just a poet trying to write about love and the need for the Goddess in this world. Please revisit often! And wish you life's greatest blessings! ~~TK

  3. Dear izdiher: Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate that you visit my blog and take the time to leave comments. I also wish you are always happy and blessed, and I do appreciate you. Your friendship has reminded me to have hope for the future. Because of your sense of responsibility as well as your response to what is important--I am blessed with that hope--as it rests with you; all the young people of the world. Thank you just for being YOU ! ~~TK