Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goddess in Motion Redux (New Poem Influenced by Past Poem)

Goddess in Motion Redux
by Tim Kavi

walking down
the wooded plain
country road

I wanted to run
to meet you
but was constrained

you were walking
towards me
I was watching you move
totally hypnotized

then I realized
Goddess in Motion
your swaying hips
meant I needed
no love potion

your singing smile
I needed no musical note
to hold you in my sight
a beautiful vote

for Goddess in motion
you are my morning delight
when your dress moves
in the wind
it still covers
all of you

falls to the wooded floor
only with your permission
our sweet love
is my mission

Goddess in motion
you walk like a dance
of great skill
a fresh romance
of freedom's will

to turn to each other
in the birdsong filled
our love is true

Goddess in motion
I need no love potion
to see
you are the sweetest
If love is ever to do
it must be with You

Goddess in motion
Nature holds you in sacred view!

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