Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beyond Dreams (new poem)

Beyond Dreams
by Tim Kavi

in dancing fire
ethereal breeze
in night
hoots of owl
well lit moon
blinded his sight

she moved
among the shadows
he was looking
for her
resting after
a long search

goddess moved
he breathed
but his heart

she walked
into the meadow
her gown
was white
he saw her
sculpted body
under it

her face was
he sighed
but knew not
to call out

she came closely
her eyes darting
like Ma Durga
Yet they were Chinese

he cautiously
removed her veil
they kissed
like he had never
and loved
like he never

in the dawning
mist she arose
and went out
he awoke
and spoke
and thought
that he had dreamed
the goddess

but when he
wandered around
the next bend
she was there

waiting for him

shining in the
of an ordinary woman
yet he knew
was his goddess
on the faces
of women everywhere

and especially
on this one
his lovely love!

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