Monday, January 14, 2013

Little David and the Dancing Monkey (Story Poem)

Little David and the Dancing Monkey
by Tim Kavi

when across the eddying
spheres of time
there is an existence in
a moment
between young and old

is it the generations
or just me myself
longing for something I knew
or making sense of what
I am taught

the clever young minstrel did sing
and dance
doing battles for the great
and good
on a journey to the West

Are you me?
The minstrel asked.

No, I am Sun Wukong.
I use my skills
like this...swoosh swoosh

I see! Said the minstrel
preparing his stringed

I am named after you, though
I am your nephew
Little David

Uncle David smiled
and said: You were dancing
quite a bit
let me sing you a song
while you rest

Oh? You play the guitar!
My father told me
Oh, what a treat!

It is my own Journey to the West
while my guitar gently weeps
playing notes of blest or blast
roaring like a stratocaster
but please be calmed

and like a David and his harp

soon the notes filled the air
with sweet sounds
of poetry flying there

the young Sun Wukong
could not stop himself
he danced and twirled
like some Dervishes
from another place

"I can tell you are a legend
You should never settle for less
hang on to the skirt of existence
such preciousness in Guan Yin
rises to meet you
and bless"

Uncle David did sing!

while the prettiest sounds
that little boy
ever heard
the Fender did bring

and when the song ended
the little dancer
that Monkey King
had tears in his eyes

Oh Uncle David!
You sing so nice.
Thank you so much!

Uncle David smiled
No problem, he said

at that moment
Little David's father
entered the room

Father! Father!
Uncle David sang me a song
and played his guitar
You were right!

Yes son, life is great
art and love
and family and truth
are all around us

to Uncle, father said
Thank you!
It's great to see you!

Uncle David smiled
Father said
Little David's mother
had prepared
an evening meal

a supper for a dancing monkey
a skilled minstrel
a poet father
two brothers
and a clever child

Yes son?
After supper
may I show Uncle David
my moves
with my monkey stick?

Yes son,
but please be careful
you can put an eye out
with that thing!

everyone laughed.


  1. This is such a cute poem. You have been nominated for the Bloggers Versatile Award. Come check it out.

    1. Susana: Thank you so much. I appreciate the honor very much. Congrats to you also! And thanks for paying it forward. :-) ~~TK