Monday, September 17, 2012

Yet the Goddess Hid Her Face (New Poem)

"Yet the Goddess Hid Her Face"
by Tim Kavi

In the Autumn morning,
before it was brought to light,
the cisterns had all been lit
the corners had all been swept.

Ophelia and Psyche had cleaned the room
it was then the song had a sacred cleft;
for in the Song, an ancient ode was written;
a homage to the Groom.

But behind the tambourine
a Goddess still hid her face.

Uttering the Song
The ancient Greek chorus stood as one,
at the Oracle's place in Delphi
their words mocked the gloom
for there was one much more precious
than was reflected in that night's Moon
the annals of history came and went
but the Goddess still hid her face.

The blustering winds of Furies
bashed many heroes' hopes
Even the great ones, laid among
the chains and ropes;
climbing the rocks they labored,
but to seek some redemption
they only looked to masculine selves
while the Goddess still hid her face!

Annointed with olive oil,
Athena's wisdom dripped from the vases
of Panathenaic paint, given to those skilled
in cunning ways of competitive fight
who are fround in prowess, and did not faint!

Yet the Goddess still hid her face!

Then when the journey's nearly over
swords and shields in disarray
heroes sought divine help
in a homecoming not so nice
forgotten heroes;
their deeds did not suffice
to turn the hearts that were cold
for their exploits seemed forgotten
mythologies and old;

She began to show her face!

a smiling face that finally led
her heroes home;
by her shining grace
protected in a mist
until all is revealed

in a love so true
the seeker sought his wife
until seeking, what is found,
in unblinded eyes, scales fell;

for She now has a fully revealed face.


  1. While reading a poem that moves, I'm used to put in my own words that make the heroes into my own stars, and that's what I'm doing now. Thus my Lord Jesus Christ replaced the Goddess but did the same -hid his face!
    You say "their deeds did not suffice
    to turn the hearts that were cold" that's a key! The key we discover too late. That's why as you say "Even the great ones, laid among
    the chains and ropes;" ... what to talk about me (without education,work and a penny in a pocket)The disable who plays an artist at times bow to you and thanks for the lucky chance to reason about life and thus to forget his complaints though for a second.

    1. Dearest Tomas-- it is my take that you need not 'play' at anything my friend! In as much as you are doing and responding to your artistic expressions with authenticity--YOU are an artist. And a great one at that! Thank you for stopping by and reading my work. I appreciate the diversion of our friendship and dialogue to entertain us both from the pressures of so called reality--yes, even so, if it is just brief. I do though appreciate you, your words, your work, and your heart. ~~TK