Friday, September 21, 2012

Bridge to Human Hearts (New Poem)

Bridge to Human Hearts
by Tim Kavi

You know one day
I thought I was lost
and I thought I was alone
but then I saw you
on the bridge to my heart
saying: Darling, please come home!

one day the universe
was smiling
angels played along
with their starry tunes
educated by your smiling love
better than many full moons

they didn't need to scheme
Cupid's arrows had already flown
when you walked to my open arms
reality became like a dream

love's roads
destiny's crooked turns
I know already
my heart calls to you
can you hear it?

now let me meet you
in the middle of the bridge
and take me to your heart
your love
for together we make a path
that always leads home

a place where love always abides
across the bridge to both our hearts
where there was no mistaken
walk, steps, or stumbles,
there was only running

to each other's arms
to each other's hearts!

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