Saturday, September 29, 2012

Infinite and Measured. (New Poem)

Infinite and Measured.
by Tim Kavi 

And measured.
How do you measure
the measureless?
Experience the unfathomable;
live on the arms of the spiral?

You exist
live in it, move in it
breathe in it
smile at Her love

in every moment
stretching across memories
across all time
in myths, legends and odes

there she frequents
visits, and in complexity

around the perfect circled
bend, time moves like a slithering
serpent, making old
robbing us of being bold

but we stand in love
it is infinite
reaches from birth to death
yet measured
in every breath

when I hold Her in You
embraced by your love
I realize in the finite experience
drawn in the hills and valleys
of our joint experience

we have touched
collapsed the circling
around us
bent fragments of infinite
love, we are in finite

measured out
every day
just in your kiss

I know I am loved.

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