Friday, November 16, 2012

Seasons of Love (New Poem)

Seasons of Love
by Tim Kavi

snowflakes are the words
dropping from your lips
hanging in the cold air
your love warms
that space of Winter's kiss
burns hot like fire
verses spoken in love
never go out

your beauty
is like the dancing goddess
of spring
that brings life
your beauties revealed
like the manifest
unfurled creation of all that is

how can I escape the passion
and heat of your summer's love?
but I seek no shade
for your love is the sun
that rises each and every day

and like the harvest
in Autumn, the Fall
is a tended love
you know
I am but a tool
in your gardening hands
and a wipe to your brow

and in the seasons
of your love
there is a passing
and cool refreshing
as time brings us
together side by side

to the sunsets
of our love.


  1. Judith Correa-ElLotfiNovember 20, 2012 at 5:14 AM

    Awww thanks so much... to read your poems always is a pleasure ... that's one of the main reasons i miss hanging out in MySpace, it was so available there! I'm glad I still have the opportunity to read you on Facebook & in the blog! Much Love & Blessings--Judith Correa-ElLotfi

  2. Thanks Judith! You and hubby have been longtime readers I think going back to 2006 and before even that! I do appreciate you both and remember that that blog at MySpace was huge in its time as far as the traffic and interaction it attracted. Thanks for commenting today. Keep stopping by! And to you (and all my blog visitors and readers) I appreciate you all!~~TK

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Oktay Usta Yesil Elma! Thanks for liking my poem and your comment. Appreciate you stopping by. Please visit often and comment as often as you wish. Wishing you happiness always!~~TK

  4. Very happy to have found you and your blog! The mix is super and I look forward to read more and more.. keep it up! :) Anna Karin

    1. Hello Anna Karin! Thank you for your comments. I am glad you found me and my blog! I invite you to stop by as often you would like. Thanks again for your comments and the encouragement.~~TK

  5. Lovely poem.

    But you know here (where I am from) we have five seasons ( 5th one : monsoon), and Idub it season of love :).
    Following your blog.

    Care to follow back ?

    1. Hi izdiher! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Yep, I forgot all about the regions with a 'fifth season'! It rains a lot where I'm from originally, but we don't have a monsoon season. Probably because we don't have monsoons. I can imagine your monsoon season as most aptly the season of love for various reasons! Thanks again! Of course I will follow your blog back and other internet locations as well. Take care!~~TK