Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ascending Goddess Released at Smashwords

Dear Reader:

My last collection about Goddesses; 'Ascending Goddess' has just been released at Smashwords.

This means that you can purchase my collection for most ereaders or as a stand alone file in EPUB, PDF, RTF, LRF, PALM DOC (PDB), and PLAIN TEXT formats.

Of course you can get the Kindle version there also (MOBI) or by clicking on the image to the left margin of this entry which will take you to the Amazon page. (image below takes you to Smashwords),

ascending goddess by Tim Kavi
Click Here for Smashwords Edition
Being published on Smashwords is a step towards wider availability.  It means that Ascending Goddess, (and my other works) will soon be available on the Sony, Kobo, and coming soon to the Apple iTunes store for iPads and iPhones.

After that, it will eventually be released in Print and paper bound copies!  Thanks for supporting my work! ~~TK  Click Here to go to the Smashwords Page

Update: This title is now available at a number of locations on the web for various platforms including iTunes, Barnes & Noble and others.  If you look at the left margin of the page for that Ascending Goddess book cover, all the links are under it.  Thanks for supporting my work!~~TK


  1. Congratulations!!! Tim, you must be very happy about having you work going out to so many people. Wonderful!!!

    1. Thanks Suzanne! You hit the nail right on the head. To me, it is the message getting out that is the most important. Love and tolerance are some of the most powerful forces needed in the world today. I understand that problems are very complex but the need to approach one another with kindness for at least a dialogue is paramount. Thank you for your comment!~~TK