Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Night of Bliss (New Poem)

One Night of Bliss
by Tim Kavi

oh sweet dying of the light
brings a night;
one night of bliss

some are so sacred
seeing your outline only
in candle light
is your sought for kiss

what visitation
manifestation of Shakti
is this?

Yet in your enduring grace
I saw your Goddess Face

morphing, twisted,
shaped by destiny's calling
sealed by yuanfen's fate
arriving early;
the night's never late

bending time
where do you come from?
how do I know you?
Did I know you?
Did we have love?

I unmistakably know
already; no need to say
for the night is here
ten thousand years to stay

and for one night of bliss
our love is sealed
in eternity's kiss

lest all that is uncertain
dismayed and untrue
causes a swirling river
of chaos in undoing's hue

there is the wee hours
the candle is burning
when in my devotion
every night I seek your face
in joyful returning

make not waste
return my love
return my goddess
please make haste

one night of bliss
again is waiting.

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