Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Angel of True Love (Poem)

Sweet Angel of True Love
by Tim Kavi

walking into that place
I fell below
your sacred stance

but for grace
I thought
you are not a person
but an angel
of True Love

from heaven

in some
mystical dance

for when your eyes
open in love
and close in passion
I see your wings
beautiful creature

flying with you
I ride in flight

sweet seraph
you are the muse
in the Temple
of your lovely

and the incense
that burns
near your altar
is only
the sweetest love
of my heart

it always yearns
for your majestic
place on high

I saw You there
your angelic
love came nigh

your beauty
is clothed
in the robe
of love

that rides
the gentle

that divinity
only knows

and in that
last prayer
of worship
I say that
it is only
your care

that brings
a sweet repose.

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