Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pretty Bag of Love (poem)

Pretty Bag of Love
by Tim Kavi

my sweet love
held something
close and dear

to her heart
She carried it
always near

through the rain
it was dry

through the wind
it was strong

and in the sun
the light reflected
the pretties there

what is that? I asked
something precious
worth more than
she said

she smiled
it was made with
great care
to carry something
special there

peeking in the bag

there were memories
songs sung
gifts brung
happy loves
in the glowing

the beach
the stars
the candle lit

fragrant soaps

poems his love
had said

rose petals
for their
wedding bed

all weekend
and every day
I see her
pretty bag of love

it went with
her everywhere

carried in her
pretty Asian hands
going with her
always there

she opens it
again and again
with happy

she says
this is the love
of my Timmie Lee

as she went to work
I saw it then

as she went shopping
had ice cream
I saw it then

the design
was beautiful
made in love

decked out embroidered
straps made it
easy to carry

she said

in the bag
is our love
both mine
and the man I will

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