Friday, November 19, 2010

when we speak (poem)

when we speak
by Tim Kavi

when we speak
the music
of a gentle kindness
fills the room
the notes
of happy voices
fill the air

where we see each other
in heart
or mind
or next near to each

that music plays
everywhere we know
familar or not

our happy tunes
and when
we sing to each other
the music
sounds like
the cloud filled
starry nights
through all of our Junes

and through any dark times
there is a lifeline
that flows between us
brighter than the sun
and that is
when the music stops
it is just for a moment
while the band
tunes up

ready for the
next loving fun
and when
the day is done
the lifeline still flows

in the music
that shows

our happy love

it plays on and on.

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