Sunday, May 23, 2010

Windy Eyes of Jade Sapphire (poem)

Windy Eyes of Jade Sapphire
by Tim Kavi

my love
has windy eyes
that tell me
a story

that move me
and breath on me
they are windy eyes
of jade sapphire

so pretty
are they

sweet tears of love
flow from me
in her sweet
love surprise

there is never
a dark disguise
only the
Windy Eyes
of Jade Sapphire

she is my
loving purring
Tiger Tiger
burning bright

even in the
dying sunlight
her Windy Eyes
light up our bed
at night

she is precious
her coat sheen
and her love
is a great between

my sweet
love's eyes
tell me so much
than I've
ever seen

I cannot speak
only love
all time

my Windy Eyes
Jade Sapphire.

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