Wednesday, February 6, 2013

At a Moroccan Wedding (wedding poem) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE! Posting 2)

At a Moroccan Wedding
by Tim Kavi

happy couples
inspire us all
to seize love
face love
in it be tall

and when moments
like this
reward that search

we know
we have loved
and made history

so made brave
by our love
we confidently
face life

together as
husband and wife!

Poet's Afterword: In posting #2 we have a special wedding poem (short but sweet) for a special pair of friends of mine.  So to Judy and Abderrahim, I wish you continued happiness in the power of love. You are not only a muse, but a great blessing over the years.  You guys have been reading my poems for over six years! And I am so inspired by your great love for each other.  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO EVERYONE~~TK


  1. Replies
    1. Hello Susana--- yes love is always so beautiful on the faces of those in love. Thank you so much! ~~TK

  2. Thanks once more Tim! Many Blessings! Your friends & fans , Judith & Abderrahim

    1. Hello Judith and Abderrahim: You are so welcome. It was and is genuinely my pleasure to have composed this poem to help celebrate the love between you too! It's a poem about a wonderful love. I really appreciate that you have been long time fans of my poetry.~~TK

  3. Hi Tim tomorrow will be God willing our anniversary #9, just want to send your way some love and gratitude♡ blessings Judith & Abderrahim

    1. Hello there Judith and Abderrahim! Thanks for stopping by. Congrats on the anniversary. I'm so happy you commented. Much love and blessings to you both. Tim Kavi BTW, Google sometimes "loses" photos--if you can send me a wedding jpg, I'll repost a wedding photo of the two you most gladly! send it to