Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FREE Giveaway, Book Announcements, & Special Promotion Announcement (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE: Posting 8)

A Valentine's Day Gift for my Readers: FREE Giveaway of a Tim Kavi Short Story; Book Announcements;  & Special Promotion Announcement
by Tim Kavi

My Valentines Be Mine for Nine continues with a giveaway, book news, and announcement of a special promotion. I would like to do something to help spread the messages of love, poetry, hope, and empowerment.


First of all, I am announcing and offering for the first time, the availability of my short story--American Crow for FREE.  It will be FREE from this day forward and available for download by clicking the cover image on the left margin of this blog--just look for the blue book cover with the big black crow on it about three quarters of the way down the page.  Of course, you can also click here to get the FREE Smashwords version which should offer a file that works for almost ALL eReaders, apps, online reading, text, and even offers a PDF version which most can read with Adobe Digital Reader or a simple PDF reader. Note that Smashwords also offers a FREE Kindle version which is the MOBI file.  Also, as of today, Kobo Books is also offering a FREE version of this short story and you can get that by clicking here for the Kobo Books version.

I hope you enjoy this FREE short story.  The past two days I have been blogging about the special love of family.  And this short story certainly talks about the love of families, in this case about two young men who have joined a gang, in a sense looking for love and belonging, and seeking fatherly love.  Here's the description: as a short story, American Crow is a Fairy Tale of Urban Decay that describes events that transpire when two older men encounter two young thugs on a repeated basis. The result is comedic mayhem and Chaos, where BillyBob, a seemingly omniscient black crow looks upon events with great interest. In the end, it's a song of redemption that only he can sing! Because of the setting of the story, it is rated R for profanity and violence. 


Lost Love Poems---just in time for Valentine's Day I am happy to announce that this collection of love poems, poems about lost love, has just been published today by Barnes & Noble in an eBook NOOK edition.  You can click here to go to the web page to order that edition.  This book was also recently published by Smashwords (with all its versions) which transcended it's initial offering at Amazon which still has the Kindle edition.  I never formally announced  this title's wider availability until today.  You can click the links just preceding in this paragraph.  Or find the Pink cover on the left side margin and click on those links.  Thank you for your support! 

Ascending Goddess---this title is available all over the web at most eBook retailers, and I have not until today, formally announced that in this blog, as per its availability at iTunes (the Apple Bookstore), Kobo Books, or Diesel eBooks.  This title is also recently offered by Barnes & Noble for their eReader--the NOOK. Finally, the book has been available at Smashwords and Amazon still carries it for the Kindle Edition. Look for the buttons under the Ascending Goddess eBook cover on the left margin (showing holy mountain Kailash) or the links in the just preceding text. Thanks!

Emerging Goddess--my first collection is still only offered as a Kindle Edition through Amazon.  This is because I have been participating in giveaways every few months through their KDP select program.  Nevertheless, that exclusivity will end shortly, and the book will become available at Smashwords and all the other platforms. Thank u u u !

NOTE:  All of these titles will be published on Google Play, other eBook platforms, and regional mobile phone eBook platforms in specific countries--such as India.  I am happy to say that print editions for all these titles are still scheduled for publication, those are just taking a short while longer.

I would like to thank all of my blog readers and those that have purchased my work--with that in mind let me tell you about...

A SPECIAL  PROMOTION TO MY READERS (and those who have purchased my eBooks):
Coming very soon I will be making a very special announcement here in this blog and providing a link to a page on my home web page www.timkavipoet.com---where those who have purchased any of my eBooks will be entered into a random drawing to win a special prize.  So save those email receipts showing you bought one of my books!!  For any readers (up to the first 25) who buy all three of my current eBook collections (or make an equivalent donation at the web page) they will receive the prize automatically. (Also ten lucky random blog commenters will be entered into the drawings also-- and that requires no purchase!) THE PRIZE:  a custom written, original, love poem written by Tim Kavi (that's me) just for you and intended for any person you specify!!!


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