Sunday, February 10, 2013

'Amazing Grace' (a new family love poem) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE: Posting 6)

Grace I.

Amazing Grace
by Tim Kavi
(a family love poem)

amazing Grace
your love lights the world
your sweet smile
is its banner unfurled

from your declarations
of love
never has an "I Love You"
come from
such a giving heart

struggling with ailments
touches many
yet you face with a brave love
what many would hide from

all that know you
some that only know of you
all say
that you are love


Venus emerged from the ocean
riding a shell
Athena sprang from the head
of Zeus
but you are 
the Goddess
above them all


your sweet endearing

is no surprise
to your family
for they are made
of the same stuff

who knowing adversity
clung to one another
hugging and holding true
never giving up

your mother
your father
your sister
and brother

divine visitation
rains upon all of us
the rest of us too
for whenever we see you
we are greatly moved
by the love of you

Amazing Grace
how can we not be thankful
for your birth?

oh, precious little one
most precious of Earth

who speak of misfortune 
forget the love
that overcomes all
a love
we all long for 

and only are taught 
by You
what love is

for whenever
we behold you
Amazing Grace
how can we not love you?

for it is not only
your mother
and your father
your sister and brother too
are all part of the special
family of you

Kisa Agraphina
meows praises to you

while singing
and dancing
You are in your innocence
the greatest heart
of all

we are taught history
fulfillment of destiny
through our acceptance
of just you; perfect you 

every life is so precious
and we are glad for you

as Amazing Grace
you teach us this
better than all

in all that you do
and say and hug
Amazing Grace

we see you
there is only one response
we must show 
and tell you 
that we love you too.

Grace I. --Six Weeks Old with her Dad Michal  
Poets Afterword:  Not everyone has an easy entry to this life.  Today's poem is about a very special young lady and it celebrates her life with the family she loves so much.  (And they certainly love her back). As such, I believe the poem 'Amazing Grace' not only celebrates her life and love, but I humbly believe it's also a true 'family love poem'.  Yes, she was born with Down Syndrome, and she is living every moment to the fullest with a family and home that is filled with love.  I am honored that the family gave me permission to talk about her, post a couple pictures, and could offer my humble poem about Grace as one of the special blogging events for VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE. When I first met her father I was filled with respect and instant appreciation, later, after I learned about their daughter Grace, and the rest of his family, I developed an even deeper affection for this family; and I knew it was a story that I wanted to share with the world. To that family and to Gracie--I believe with all my heart that there is a collective WE that says: we are honored to know you and that we love you too! Tomorrow, we'll make a post about Down Syndrome.  Here is what her Father said about Grace at this time (as of just a few days ago):  Grace's primary focus of late is to remain in the middle of just about everything her big sister does. Gracie loves dancing, art, music and listening to me play guitar. We can't go anywhere with instruments without her yelling, "Daddy-yee" and pointing to a guitar. She has a memory like an elephant. She loves without reason. She absolutely loves to kiss foreheads and cuddle. She loves to create and mimic her big brother and big sister. Gracie loves her cat, Kisa Agraphina (Russian for cat born feet first). She stops on the street to kiss dogs and runs up to people wherever we are to get hugs. She's ready to help her friends in class, especially the ones with separation anxiety. Grace is the definition of "try". She works so hard at everything she does. She does not yet speak, yet communicates beautifully in her own language (sign/Gracie's English). Grace loves to cook, help clean and be a part of everything which takes place around the house.~~TK Also, you can read more about Grace and her family in the post just after this one. Click Here if you Want to go directly there.


  1. What a beautiful blog post! Filled with love, compassion and blessings. Grace sure sounds like a very precious, loving and beautiful girl, no wonder she is so loved by everyone. Tim, your poem and the story about Grace and her family was so moving and wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with the world.
    God Bless!

    1. Hello Sannel: Thanks again for your visit to my blog, your devoted readership and kind words. Every life has a wonderful uniqueness. Thank you for celebrating with me the honor we are paying to Grace and her family in that uniqueness!~~TK