Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quantum Foams (New Poem)

Quantum Foams
by Tim Kavi

when walking
among the cloudy nebulae
there is a great expanse
to the end I cannot see

yet there is a horizon
ancients saw
the end of the world

sailing off of it
we travel faster than light
but still there is too much
around the curve
I encounter the former me

but what is this?
more than we can ever know
and see
in the tiniest atoms
the I; we cease to be?

marvelous majesty
and mystery
uttering things too
like star crossed

think what you want?
imagine what you see
in the quantum foams
there is every chance
you will discover it

determined by your
choices; yet remaining free
even in the depths
there is plenty of room
at the bottom

particles float
in fixed yet uncertain
orbits; hovering
in suspended clouds
of galactic dust

my hand goes through
the wall
my spirit is in my body
my mind embodied
becomes material
it travels
yet bound by this tent

yearning for release
to travel another day
far and away
down and below
through eternity

finite in infinite
soupy Creator's sea
the wonders are too
great for me

and when the Sirens
announce land is drawing
close; I will open
my sailor's eye
but cannot trust what
I hear and see

for if there is only the port
of this existence
I am left to ponder
and have many things
left by faith to believe

so I keep searching
walking from within
and without
quantum foams
swirling all about.


  1. first let me thank u for all ur motivation& inspiring comments..u r indeed a classic poet with a magical pen where words flow out giving a soothing feeling to the readers taking them to a paradise.. sir ur readers really enjoy ur writings GOD LOVE U

    1. My dear friend Adhi: thank you so much for your kind words of praise. I was overwhelmed (as always) with your generosity and kind spirit! I really am deeply moved. You are welcome my friend to my return praise, it is the least I can do. As far as being a classic poet, I can only humbly say that it would take one to know one!~~TK

  2. Wonderful scribe reflecting on the foundation of the fabric of the universe. Thank you, Tim for bringing me along on this spectacular journey through the amazing wonders that the Quantum theory has to offer. Just Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Sannel, and being a fellow traveler on our cosmic journey. Thank you for your kind words! Surely the universe, despite the temptation to feel small within such a great expanse, is both awe inspiring and marvelous in its own way. How astounding and beautiful it is just to look at the sky on a a clear night! We make our mark in history out here on the spiral arm of just one galaxy among many, but each life is so special no matter what! We are also part of the cosmos and should never forget the life, love, and light we have within!~~TK