Saturday, March 9, 2013

Love Singers (New Poem)

Love Singers

by Tim Kavi

your songs fill the air
with wonderful
feelings never felt

no, not anywhere

except in Heaven
where your choirs
admiring the sounds
escaping your lips

beautiful wafting
currents of melody
exalt the spirits
lifting up blissful
moments there

and love
dancing in firelight
reflections of moon
on the beach
where flames of love
light up the night

eyes of lovers

graceful steps
on the ballroom floor

majestic fountains
of forever youth
whenever our special songs
fill the air

fluttering rosy airships
sweet words of love

bring me home
on their wings to you

sweet calls of love
guide me home
even when the darkness
shuts out the heart

I grope
to find my way
but in the distance
the love songs
guide me back
to the wonders of love

somehow love singers
reach through darkest night
bringing hope
in their golden
notes of soothing
white light

for there
in the lingering notes
I come to you

where in the sweet
sounds of your soul
I am warmed
and never alone.

Poet's Afterword:  Music as sure as anything is a sweet sound of love.  And in no other art form has more been written and sung about regarding all the glories and even the pitfalls of love.  I have selected some of my favorite love songs on a playlist that you can sample at Youtube just by clicking this link . Hope you enjoyed this poem and the playlist collection of some of my favorite love songs.~~TK

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