Monday, March 18, 2013

Publication News: Ascending Goddess Goes Even More International; Spain Bookseller Casa Del Libro Recognizes the Book's Feminist Message

Ascending Goddess is going more and more international with even more booksellers picking it up in Europe, Germany, Japan, Spain, Canada and the UK! For example, in Spain, Ascending Goddess by Tim Kavi and TiLu Press are deeply honored that the title is being packaged with Jean Shinoda-Bolen's Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World as a joint purchase. Author Tim Kavi was strongly influenced by Dr. Shinoda-Bolen's books and message, especially Goddesses in Every Woman, and his own teacher's book The Goddess by Dr. Christine Downing. While we are very honored that booksellers are seeing the connection between Ascending Goddess and other works that emphasize the Sacred Feminine and the need for the empowerment of women; we are also humbled by the sacred responsibility of sharing the message that there is a better way for the world than unbridled male aggression. Mistreatment of women must stop and respect for the leadership and compassion of women must be honored. (Note this is not to imply any endorsement by the aforementioned authors for Ascending Goddess, merely that Tim Kavi is humbly honored by the recognition).--From TiLu Press, Tim Kavi's Publisher

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