Friday, February 8, 2013

'Ode to the Handsome Swede' (wedding poem) (Tim Kavi's VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE: Posting 4)

Ode to the Handsome Swede

by Tim Kavi

humming a sweet song
the poetry 

keeps flowing

when across the green hills of Sweden

the wedding party
was going

your sweet melodies
the wind is blowing

bringing sweet incense of perfume

innocence of love
when your smile lit the room

the handsome Swede
was smiling too
as your love
the happy groom

thoughts of peace
and no more
empty homes

two hearts
turned towards

and dispelled
the lonely glooms

the handsome Swede
existential songs

his new bride
had come home

she made ready
a gown of red
in Chinese love

had been met

and yet
there was
the promise
of even more

for all the glories
their love had
in store

for all the stories
could never be sold
in thousands
of novels
of myths
and legends

every time
their love was told

you see it seems

but no love ever is

they found each other
and that's all
the mystery 'tis

two hearts
thought they had been
only to find the other
behind the veil's

a great love
with wings
flew to him

the handsome Swede

and for all
this there
was destiny

plainly read.

Poet's Afterword--For Posting 4 of my VALENTINES BE MINE FOR NINE daily blogging event to celebrate Valentine's Day we have another wedding poem. This poem celebrates a wedding between two very special friends of mine.  It was originally a private poem for the two of them, but  'reappears' here in my blog by their permission.  I know you will join me in congratulating the happy couple, who exemplify a wonderful destination of love--a cross cultural and happy marriage across two of the kindest hearts I've ever known.~~T.K.


  1. Wow, this is very beautiful.

    1. deaf47: Thank you so much for stopping by (again). I appreciate your comments and will try my best to keep the work flowing.~~TK

  2. What a beautiful and heartfelt wedding poem. You have touched my soul with these deep words of love between "two hearts turned towards love and dispelled the lonely glooms"
    Wishing your dear friends, a lifetime of the greatest joy, love and happiness.
    Tim, you have an undeniable talent for brilliant writing. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.
    I wish you a blessed day,

    1. Dear Sannel: Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and visiting my blog again. I only hope I can some day live up to your praise! I see that you also conveyed wonderful wishes to my recently wedded friends. I will convey this to them and thank you so much. I appreciate you and your work so much, so I am very honored.~~TK