Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tim Kavi's Latest Collection Published

My newest Poetry Collection was just published by TiLu Press.  Lost Love Poems is published first as a Kindle and Kindle Apps edition.  Other editions and formats will follow (including paper).

Description: Dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced lost or unreturned love, Lost Love Poems is an inspiring collection. By honoring lost loves as valuable loves in their own right, this collection can help you understand the power of love, view past loves as inspiration, and encourage you to open yourself to love again when you are ready. Lost Love Poems not only speaks to the sorrows and pains of loss, it also tells readers that if they have ever loved so deeply, they must possess a great capacity to love again.

The Amazon Link:  Click Here for Tim Kavi's Latest Book:

Thanks for supporting my work and vision.  ~~TK

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