Saturday, April 14, 2012

your beauty (new poem)

your beauty
by Tim Kavi

I saw you at the museum
in the ruins of Athens
at the park the other day
and I saw you in the flowers just opened

all around
I saw your beauty
it is like the dancing goddess of spring
that brings life

and like the harvest
reaping in Autumn
you know
what tomorrow your love will bring

all is new
renewed and covered in your Earth

great is your faithfulness
great is your love
my words are just markings of love
where I am a tool in your hands

tending to wherever your love grows
born things
are everywhere

stretched across the membranes of time
ready to burst
the underlying true Universe
is foreshadowed
and longs to be born

waiting for your spoken words of love
and everywhere uttering your Name
there is only the appearing
of all that is You
in love
in resurrection
in beauty.

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