Sunday, April 8, 2012

Called Out (To Be a Friend) (New Poem)

Called Out (To Be a Friend)
by Tim Kavi

you are the breeze to my thirsty spirit,
my soul in a time of chaos and world mistrust,
my center in atrophy
You quiet my storms at night.

in the soul of friendship
I say Thou to you
and in the liberating dancing spirit of love
I dance with you on the clouds of love.

together we paint pictures of love
sing songs of freedom's acceptance
Yes, for we accept each other as who we truly are.

In the loving arms of two souls
that call each other deepest friends
there is both a seeking
for each other's face again
and a finding in the joyful reunions
of touching each other's lives

and in that bond
there is the bond of spirit to spirit
I am called to love
I am called out to utter abandon
even on the narrow ridge.

with you

there is the call to dialogue
and the inescapable joyful capacity to love
there is only the acceptance
of whoever You are.


  1. Beautiful, Tim! i will be sharing this if it's okay!

  2. Thanks NamaCathy! I am honored you like my work. I sent you an email and appreciate your request.