Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Table at the Mountain (New Poem)

Table at the Mountain
by Tim Kavi

Lo, I hear the inward light
of your voice whispering in the wind
it illuminates my darkened
and decayed soul
that I thought was near death
and beyond redemption

your love found me
you breathed your breath
into me
and my bones lived!

I stand at the bottom of the mountain
No way to climb fast
the naysayers and mockers
all make sport of my prayers
their ref'use and stinking ways
are offenses to your seeking heart

I know you love me
although I do not deserve it
I call to you
and your singing voice falls from heaven

Is that Olympus, or Kailash, or Horeb
or even Sinai?
where you burned my lips
with the hot coals
and some thought you wore a male guise?

you slipped between the rocks
and lived at the top
waiting with patience
help me come to you dear

I hear
you have prepared a table
on the rocks of the summit

in your heavenly eyes
and your wonderful ever loving heart

you loved me
restored me
and brought peace to my crying heart.

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