Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moonlight Reflection and Blues (New Poem)

Moonlight Reflection and Blues
by Tim Kavi

chiseled in white, Your
silhouetted body glimmers
in moonlight
hues of blue against the
backdrop of darkening night

sighs escape the moon's lips
for You are awesome
in Diana's sight

dancing stardust is in your hair
standing near You are framed
in beauty, where even robed,
Rodin stops to stare

I dare not breathe, wondering if
I will awaken, to find
You are not there

my eyes struggle to focus
to make coherence in the bending
twisted destiny, chiseled in night,
I feel your warm body next to me

blue event horizon
in the sheets of our bed
canyons and furrows lead to
Your vastness
where a Goddess is born

for You are a beautiful sight.


  1. I love your poetry. Very moving.

  2. Dear ~Narita:

    Thank you so much for reading my poems and your comment> please read as much as you want! I enjoy your blog also. So many lovely things there--your kitties and work in the 'threaded arts' are muselike. ~~TK