Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love is Far Apart (New Poem)

Love is Far Apart
by Tim Kavi

I love you dear one
hold me in your heart and arms there tonight
I live in your dreams
Yet kiss you with a true kiss

broken and splintered
the shrines seem abandoned
at the top of the hill
but I am running
as my strongest act of will

seeking you
I fall on my face many times
you always pick me up with your grace
In your shining eyes
are the light of ten thousand

I call you by name
among the many; there is only the one
You do not answer me

But I know you will
I feel your love's embracing
Across time's burning sands
my bare feet race
to desert places
mountain tops with burning fire

Shadows dancing
Your Voices
and many arms of compassion, just are
Chastening my hurried love
to wait for a stronger surety still
When I see you then I will know
there was never any hurriedness
to Your love

For love is
sometimes far apart.

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