Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waiting for Your Appearing (New Poem)

Waiting For Your Appearing
by Tim Kavi

faraway lands you stepped on
traveled across seas
landscapes you danced like the gazelle,
and your footsteps are approaching
the sounds of your coming filled the hall

anticipating your return
all the world stood waiting

dont be caught sleeping the gatekeeper said
Her guardians will leave you dead!

I prayed your garments would not be those worn in war
I know you carried heads on your belt
I don't want to be another notch in your conquest
through war

but I only call to you in love
speak soft words to your gentle wind
kissing you only with permission
and only whenyou want it, then too much

for my devotion to you is not wanting
no mystery is there
see these poems I write?
I cannot stop

seeking you
staring at the path
walking it but without you
I dare not

spare me is ever a persistent thought!

for history keeps unfolding
in new patterns of meaning
drunken men are scheming your demise
drunk with power and blood
and greed

they see you not
black night -- Kalaratri
when you come in dark surprise
your armies are swifter than they

but today you return in your greatness
I stay off in the corner
with my head bowed and praying

I seek forgiveness and redemption
please, I am just saying
remember me in love
forgiveness and peaceful reassuring

gentle mother Goddess
I await your peaceful appearing
redeemed in your love.

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