Friday, May 4, 2012

History (New Poem)

by Tim Kavi

oceans of blue green
Quantum waves collapsed
Schrodinger's cat died in the box
harbingers of doubt
in the flavored purpose

black and brown
are the eyes of You
lips full and parted
gentle breaths resting
escape the sleeping You

In the face of marching
defiant of time
empires go to sand
while we have kisses in the dark
sweet love's embrace
are our telling of secrets
all over the place

Finally, no more hidden hearts
all is known, uncovered and true
Revealed Goddess
patriarchy is doomed
with You fully in view

no reason for mystery
this is the neverending recurring tale
simple and complex
the untwisting dialectic of reason
because You are history.


  1. I liked this blog!
    Cheers from Argentina.

  2. Humberto: Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Cheers from China (where I am at the moment). So cool to have a visitor from Argentina! Come back as often as you would like. ~~TK