Monday, December 6, 2010

In Our Bed (Poem)

"In Our Bed"
by Tim Kavi

Mountains crumble
into sea
Clouds fly away
your love calls
to the bed
of You and Me

I am so moved
captured there
hold you there
in the moonlight
it is a warm night

we see out the patio window
the stars
the heavens
so peaceful
I know you fill my universe
you are the moon in my room

in our bed
You are
so sweet
sugar in my coffee
rain on my garden
yeast rising in oven
pot shaped on wheel

I need your love

You are the
greater poet!
Your love songs
teach us lyrics
and poems
in the stanzas
of our bed

is the calm
of our love inside

your candle
burns all night
your Erhu
moves the angels

your voice
is the music
in our love

the ocean breaks
the birds circle
over head
life goes on
fed by our love

in your arms
is the lifesong
of all that is

and in our bed
my age is forgotten.