Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Queen (new poem)

Snow Queen
by Tim Kavi

enjoying the silence in your arms
the music of nature surrounds us

the white carpet on the ground
plays a dancing tune for our feet
in the place
where your kiss is sweet

while the snowy crystals
I am warmed in the bed of our love

where your passion is the fire
of singing winter moments

and where your bed
and breasts
make it always summer
in my heart

gentle drops drip from the snowy leaf
somewhere a snow bird peeks at the wonders
spring is coming
and soon the white sheets that wrapped
our love
will part in sweet songs of sorrow
due to Spring's arrival tomorrow

and in the vanquishing
of the long Winter Night
I catch a glimpse
of your new clothes
shining in the sun of Spring.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Warm Cocoon of Love (poem)

"Warm Cocoon of Love"
by Tim Kavi

I saw my wife
lying in
a warm cocoon of love

I saw my wife
a gentle one's soul
sighing and
walking on clouds

upon sweet
gentle breezes
to me she was brung

Until the day's
precious song
was more beautifully

I saw my wife
in the morning
eyes opened
from her soft place
in my safe arms

her smile shone
like the dawning

from a warm cocoon
of love.