Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest Publication of Tim Kavi

Tim Kavi announces his latest publication, the Introduction included in the following book:


Jilin University Press (2008)
Hei Long Jiang Province
Jilin, China
978-7-5601-3733-9 (ISBN)

The book, 英汉语言对比 (roughly translated as "Comparison and Contrast between English and Chinese Language and Culture") has been published in China as a University textbook. It includes an Introduction by Tim Kavi, who is listed as a US Poet. Portions of the book are in Chinese and English and it is currently being used at a number of Chinese Universities in Mass Media, Foreign Languages (English is a Foreign Language there), and Communications classes. My introduction isn't terribly long, and the book is not available outside of China, so no need to rush out and buy one (unles you are a Chinese student in one of the classes where it is required), but it is certainly garnering more interest in my poetry. My collections of poetry to be published here in the US will be published in both China and Japan, especially, Emerging Goddess.--T.K.

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