Friday, February 17, 2012

Romantic Swoons (New Poem)

Romantic Swoons
by Tim Kavi

no strength to tarry
in my wait for you
I soon realized
your love had invaded
my heart
As I reached the top of the hill

You were there
coaching me
soothing me
of all my hurts and fears

how could I not call to you?
calling out many years

lonely seeking nights
and finding you
in the days of your love?

until a great
and mighty wave
of love made our love

collapsed our love
into one expression

days and nights
you and me
until quietly
there was only
a lasting hug

wherever I went
alive in your eyes

I saw you standing there

goddess revealed

as sure as Kwan Yin
compassionate arms reaching
speaking breeching seeking

rendering in two
all the cultural walls within

until it was only Our love
that mysteries
held in swoon

brought forth fruit
and found only to
be ever present all the time
never missing really
never empty
never rendered

to see it and know
only it has ultimately mattered.

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