Saturday, March 22, 2014

Remembered Space (New Poem)

Remembered Space
by Tim Kavi

lush overgrowth
showing empowering design
such wisdom
yet some say 
it's always overrated

but love grows
to meet us in every 
esteemed face
across every landscape
of doom and grace

it is everywhere
every space
and in every place

reflecting rays of light
in my remembered windows
of dreamy night
where I am struck
by the moonlit beauty
echoed in her embrace

Her many stories
are told, traversed
again and again 

a resounding crescendo
in the universal page
she is written
in the paths
of the wind

by every artist's
gardened, skillful
round shapes

My love is full of it;
I saw it in her 
gathered lace

And revealed ever
in the lit bed
of her remembered kiss

I am left wandering
the maze
of brilliant memories
across remembered space.

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