Sunday, May 11, 2014

Angels from Heaven (For Moms that Help at School) (New Poem)

Angels from Heaven
by Tim Kavi

To all the moms who help at school: 

never did the world see
in their beauty
and tireless missions
such pretty angels
as these mums

they must be from heaven
giving to the kids
in never ending
efforts, activities,
assuring students ascending

bringing their greatness
because these mums
make it all okay
make it all happen
in their grace each day

there is not one
student or teacher
untouched or unblessed
they really have done it all
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall

that keeps the schoolyard
humming with many a happy kid
and the classrooms a place to learn
for kids to go home and tell all they did

these mums
are surely angels
messengers of hope and love
and we are grateful
they are sent from above

great mums always are
angels who arrive
from near and far

Angels from Heaven.

My second Mother's Day poem for 2014 is a new poem that was commissioned by someone who appreciates the moms who help out at her school.  (Reprinted with permission by that patron).  Moms are surely angels and surely helpful to children everywhere--as this poem celebrates their unique contributions to school life. They are referred to in many places as 'room parents' but to some lucky kids they are always 'mom.' ~~TK

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