Friday, July 31, 2009

Moonlight Sunyata (New Poem with Poet's Comment)

Moonlight Sunyata
by Tim Kavi

On the verge
did shine and emerge
in the wings
of your love

until Being
brought to the brink
did burn and whither
seeking a drink
in the desert of being

there was happiness
a memory
singing to each other
under the stars
in the moonlight

in a lonely universe
I've forgotten it
in the bliss
of enlightenment

until shining
in a present wakefulness
we walked into
the meadows
of who we were

saw the sight
in each other
burning in the light
of night

until dancing
with each other
our love was made
full and complete
fashioned in dust
fully we meet

there was no more
for we saw
impermanent in the happy void.

Poet's Note: This poem captures the fine line between Being and Nothingness. It is about loving in the Present moment while encountering ourselves as impermanent and Void. Note the use of the Buddhist term 'Sunyata' the concept and often perplexing issue of the Buddhist doctrine of impermanence. Itself a step towards enlightenment and aptly explained by the Buddhist sage Nagarjuna. Note also in Stanza two, the overall concept of Being (with a captal B), is encountered in the temporal world of our own being (uncapitalized b). The title of this poem is a tongue in cheek play of words on the Beethoven piece 'Moonlight Sonata' a nice bit of music for our celestial couple to dance under the moonlight and spell of their joint existence!--T.K.

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