Sunday, August 9, 2009

Down From the Mountain (New Poem)

"Down From the Mountain"
by Tim Kavi

coming down from the mountain
I stumbled to keep up
with the goddess
in her flowing robes
and ways of walking
in the air

Her divinity
there was no reaching to
and in the temple
she was the Holy One
who walked through walls

laughing in sweet joy
telling me to keep up with her
then by the Altar of Incense
she taught me her scerets

and only then
could she love me there

I said:

inspired by your love
your loving eyes
will always make me
sing and
lie next to your heart

your smile is
like the mountains
eternal and strong

She said:

you were all I needed
through all this time
I will be thankful
for you everyday

I said:

I who could not breath
one time long ago
now breathes fresh air
like the snow
that melts
and merges
with the seas

while our love
flows to the seas
your river
carries it
from our bed
by the altar

to the ocean
when your song
of released passion
warmed the mountainous

I am held there
in your great arms
resting until

when I am well
alive and will see

when we will
run with the horses

in the land
where all sentient beings
long to be

in the bountiful land
of the truly free!

Flowing milk and honey
amongst the cedar trees
I walked with you across
the grassy meadow

into the plains
into the valleys

and found You
knew You
loved You
in a sweet discovery
that You are everywhere.

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