Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Expressive Eyes (New Poem)

Expressive Eyes
by Tim Kavi

Expressive eyes
deep oceans, swimming currents of love
your eyes are the sky of my horizon
the strength of my weakness
the passion of compassion
deep and yet so close
I feel your peace.

I see your soul there
it is lit up in the night of modern existence
drawing me, calling me to be free
in your love.

your eyes are so alive
with love, shining so bright
they will carry me back and forth
like a leafy sailboat on your love
floating on the deep waters
that calls me to harbor
safe and sound with you.

And when I see your eyelids closed
I still feel your eyes of love
all around me
when you are sleeping they still watch
over me
and when they open I see such beauty
that I am nearly overcome.

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