Monday, March 12, 2012

Masks of the Goddess: Returning from War (New Poem)

Masks of the Goddess: Returning from War
by Tim Kavi

Masks of the Goddess
concealed You
I realized that every one
was the revealed You
real and true

uttered silence
not raising the head
pilgrims prostrated
on the consuming hill

path to your vision
to your purpose
blinded to your will

but seeking in faith
glimpses of You
the road winds upwards
straight and out of sight

climbing a ladder
into the freezing
clouds of delight

there is only silence 
in the chilly night

dancing there
flowing blindly
getting a faint view

the raining tears
of sorrow's calling
wanting to gather her young
too many are missing
killed by the death that war had brung

the tears
fall down from heaven
or was it the misty
impossible to reach?

it seems too far to go
carry me somehow
on your bridal wings

my weapons fall from my belt
there is nothing in them anymore
they are dull and stained too red

my hands too dirty
my heart too callused
my hair too matted
my beard unshaven
long and flapping in the wind

my heart carries the wounds of those recently dead
my Goddess I had forgotten what you said
I could not show compassion
their smell reaches up here

forgive me my schemes born in war
my heart won in fear
my wounds deeper than bullet holes

deceived me took my soul
this death is evil's whore

I am lost and alone
do not know my way back
but must soon descend

hope you forgive me
and love me
I will come home soon.

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