Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kavita #332 (new poem)

Tim Kavi's Celestial Typists

Kavita #332
by Tim Kavi

the monkey runs around
his pursuers slip on
banana peels
and peach pits
are left glimmering in the sun

he is Sun Wukong
or Hanuman laughing
tickling the underarms
until sages are almost

the place is the jungle

22 celestial typists
type randomly
until all the names of God
are listed
quite by accident
until the paper is expelled

a well meaning sage
wanders by
almost blinded by the whiteness
of the page
he reads with wonder
and nods his head

a cosmic explosion follows

an old man buys his young
granddaughter ice cream
she smiles
he remembers when grand papa
did the same for him
he smiles

the nearby crows
hope the cone is dropped
on the way home 
through the park
another child swings
and plays with balloons

life goes on.

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