Monday, June 17, 2013

eyes of the Dancing Woman (new poem)

eyes of the Dancing Woman
by Tim Kavi

enchantress, your eyes
catch me in moonlight
gentle orb
dancing there
sweet boundless moves
love is in the air

they flutter
bending me into
other dimensions
of divine light
eyelids blinking
wide awake in Night

the gentle rapture
of passion's drawing
song; sings heavenly
movements of power
where from afar
I know not the hour

I dared to look
into your Divine Soul
I am your sacred viewer
and saw your all
as your steps lit
the sacred hall

some say they were
smitten by a dancing
kitten; made perfect
in love hypnotized
not realizing your Greatness
had already mesmerized

I remember; your look
while your body below
contorted; in Divine
dancing soul
candle light romancing
glow; lit my heart whole

until I knew
all was undone
and uncovered
I cannot bear this alone
my love's secret
is in your dancing home.

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