Saturday, June 28, 2014

My lonely face, My global face, Singing Their Song (new poem)

My lonely face, My global face, Singing Their Song

 by Tim Kavi

there is a oneness
captured in my lonely breath
where only the known
is revealed in a song
escaping my lips

dropping like tears from my eyes

across the widened
abyss of chastened justice
there is a universal wind
that, until singing it

only the powers will not know it

I arise
from the cobblestones
knowing my one face
has now gone global
in the rage
of technology's age

there is no hearing of it

until somewhere else
another voice is heard
a chorus of discontent
my heart reaches for it

in your lasting embrace, there is knowing

my arms circle around them
only to sing in glorious chorus
until all are free
again and again

for the sound of it is joined in music

where there is a turning
morphing of my single face
joined with a global race
where we all are one

can we care enough to hear the song?

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