Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dreams at the Mountains (Poem)

Dreams at the Mountains (Poem)

by Tim Kavi

Oh the flowing mountains
are pretty to look at
but they meet me at the sea of my birth!

Where I return to find
my way again and again,
where dashed at the cliffs of despair

sometimes my dreams seem misbegotten

but You my fellow travelers
must breach
that beach head
be ready to climb again
to the highest heights

until a new song is there!

Once there
is what I long for
that keeps me climbing;
to what I long for

the audience
I wrote this song for
who fully understand
there is no hope
that should be forgotten!

for until you gather
under your wings
your heavenly dreams

until the rumbling seas

the meaning full existence
until the last dream
takes hold

my friends
wax bold!
wax bold!

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