Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stumbling into the Gathering Mist (Poem)

Stumbling into the Gathering Mist
by Tim Kavi

Gathering your tools
and wits all about you
heart beating circular messages at great speed
time is never silent
and never stops the onward assault

to senses
and bodies
across decades centuries
and spaces
where entropy does creep

some dark cobwebbed corner
where memories
seem forgotten
resurrected in unsure moments
instructing in choices
to be made

guided by the unseen

how can the infinite be contained in the finite
unless Spirit becomes body
embodied physical tents
wrestling destinies 
on faraway planets

that others might not know
there they are too, the flickering images
like holograms in the dancing light
made plain what way we should
go; and the chocies to be made
are well versed stories of meaning

until the songs are played
and the images gathered in the grand narrative
of all that is revealed
to be known and grown
in the code that builds all things

from where does the code come from?
what life is this that knows
such pondering manifestations
of who and what to know?

until the embodied spark
leads to the fire that burns
throughout all time
outside of it
and in it
guiding lights to the branches
of knowing what we dare to call home

or even to make an unshakeable history

there is only the calling
to know more
to ask more questions
some which seem
to never be answered

in this realm of existence
we have to just be 
authentic to the message
and the code
that is always so obscure

in the challenge of the absurd

it is just now
gathering into the mist
of human to human
heart to heart
face to face
hand in hand

there is the grasping
of the stumbling


  1. Nice poem!
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    1. Thanks, dimple khadi. Following you back! Namaste, Tim Kavi