Thursday, June 18, 2015

Towards the golden Light, Unknown Goddess (new poem)

Towards the golden Light, Unknown Goddess
by Tim Kavi

When in all your going
you had escaped
freedom's grasp
slavery seemed your undoing

the country was collapsing
farms and crops dust
food was rotting on the docks
your neighbor's fields a battlefield

there was hurrying and scurrying
hiding and fleeing
you taught yourself
in the darkness
no man was there seeing

you had no rights
where governments
led you to paths
of new meanings
always ignored

but you are
the truest goddess
your ego smashed
and destroyed
ruined temples unexplored

it was then
after you woke up
that the weapons all broke
that the all knowing
were silenced

and you walked down
the road
your golden light
revealing yourself as the
Goddess you always knew
you really are.

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