Thursday, July 23, 2015

Voices of the Silver Winged Fathers (new poem)

Voices of the Silver Winged Fathers
by Tim Kavi

voices of the
silver winged fathers
your voices
sing like snowbirds
across history and time

instructing me
as a child
guiding me
as an adult
surrounding me
even when wise

there is only
spoken truths that linger
that shine
even in prisons
of my mind

the sadness
the sorrows of your passing
have all faded away

in thinking that longs to be free

guidance to
all that will be
voices of the fathers
still speak to the young
if only they take
the heart to listen

where not one moment
is lost;
we still live
and where life is
there's always remaining
a hope

that we can still
save ourselves
from weapons
from war
from streams of
flowing blood

you see?
your storied regrets
are not unheard
high and low

from mansions
of perceived greatness
to the crumbling
erosion of beating
waves against sandcastles
of faithless Divine
cast into the sea

we gather their
muddy clumpy remnants
to new vistas
new shores
and a faith in time

oh breathing
breathes of silver winged
fathers; yet you breathe!
we need
to listen
to sing your refrains
to not forget
the ways made plain

'lest it all be lost
we ride your heavenly
angelic wings

we won't forget what
you taught us
nor how you shined

for in your voices
never silent
and never silenced
echoes across generations
reaching but never

voices of silver winged fathers.

Poet's Comment: It has been a little over a month since my father passed away, still I hear his voice and feel his angelic wings. ~~TK

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