Monday, December 28, 2015

Crying in the Night (New Poem)

Crying in the Night
by Tim Kavi

screeching in the night
calling out in darkness
searching the hidden
for any hope
of dawning light


the Owl of Athena
looks over the fields
the fields of the world
are stained
crimson with the blood
of many peoples
from many lands

She is ashamed
at what is done in many names
adds to the horror
of the great many acts
of fear and terror
the dismantling of honor

She says
Intolerance is Murder
the council of elders
replies with judgmental sighs
must we tolerate evil?

She says
there is still a way
to define what something is
when one finds the words to say
any doctrine
teaching far and wide

that murder is right
that stealing from another
killing the heart of the Other
chaining the spirits
of those who long to be free

is justifiable

then we know what is evil
and in all cases who or what
can be truly not tolerated
and must be abolished
in the hearts of all

who joined in community
who empowering the disenfranchised
realize what is wrong
or what is right

makes the day bring light

So the Owl of Athena
blinks her eyes at what She sees
in the darkened night

she will still watch the world
as a New Year approaches
but taking hold of hope
and changes in our hearts
see to it that She need not abandon Earth
in Her celestial flight.

"A Poem of Hope for the New Year"~~TK

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