Friday, February 23, 2018

Grandmother from the Sea (New Poem) (With Afterword)

Grandmother From the Sea (Poem)

by Tim Kavi

Grandmother, from the sea, rising to meet me
For parched Earth, raining on existent one
Families, cultures, heroes, villages, city hills

Some wonder how they're made, or came to be
Across history's battlefields, battles won
Descriptive words fail me, for logic kills
Blue sea arrivals, goddesses are you

Bringers of wisdom, granddaughter grandson
Ignorance stalls, only loving knowledge wills
Across the promise of next morning's dew
Love fills.

Afterword: On the occasion of this, my late grandmother's birthday (1900), I composed this curtal sonnet, a homage to the wisdom and love of grandmothers everywhere. Rightfully, wise loving grandmothers represent the Great Mother goddess archetype. I've written about my grandma (the inspiring poet) in this blog before on this date. (See: My Grandma the Poet). A book of her own poems is still scheduled to be published by TiLu Press (my own publisher); Poems from the Heartland by Lura Newland will hopefully be published in just a few months. I love you, grandma!~~TK

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