Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog Special: "Every Day" (poem) with brief comment

"Every Day"
by Tim Kavi

every day I kiss you
embrace you
boldy face you

with all
of me
and vulnerable

you respond
with such

that my
tears are
like healing

and my
like a
thousand suns

I am safe
utterly made
whole again
and again

every day
in your sweet love.

brief poet's comment: this love is certainly contained, (if a matter of experience and participation) in a lived out reality, in the consciousness 'every day'. This NOWness is, after all, our most living reality. Hence, to be loved and to love others every day, is to build and to have filled our existence with love in the most significant and fulfilling sense. Some of the words used in this poem have to do with behaviors associated with such love and its components: kissing, embracing, facing with a boldness, healing, safety, wholeness, and sweetness. The usage of tears and smiling language indicates that a strong love brings one through both sorrowful times and glad times as well.

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