Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dreamy World (Poem) with brief poet's comment

"Dreamy World"
by Tim Kavi

finally leaving
the cave
solitary confinement
all these years

the world
is illusion
of that which truly is
and we take refuge
only in the
stuff of dreams

I'll dream that
I am looking
in your sparkling eyes
so full of life

I'll dream
that we are kissing
on that first night
through happy sighs
we meet

and then
the next day
the beginning is

the story of our life.

Brief Poet's comment: There is a theme here in this poem that is part of much of my work. The juxtaposition is dreams vs. reality? What is real? beyond mere questions of metaphysics, it really hints at the world of representations. Is what is depicted to our senses a valid reality, or is it illusion? Maya perhaps? You can bet most often when I am referring to a cave in any of my writings, I am almost always referring to Plato's Allegory of the Cave where mere reflections of true objects that we see on the wall of the cave are often perhaps what is mistakenly perceived as real. A related major life changing view of interest regarding the possible representational views of reality would be of interest to mention, and that is Hilary Putnam's famous arguments contained in his "brain in a vat" discussions. --T.K.


  1. we can always dream, can't we? as the saying goes. but when one becomes disillusioned of the real world and the dream that one aspired for did not materialized, more often, one takes refuge in the world of dreams and the line between reality and the dream has diminished and the dream become one's reality. but wouldn't it
    be nice if we can really enter into a REAL dream world when we become dismayed of the REAL world?

  2. Yes..reality is created in the cognitive constructs of the subjective knower, yet there is the forking paths of the external Others all around us.